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NetVault SmartDisk 11.4.5 - Installation Guide

Introducing NetVault SmartDisk Understanding NetVault SmartDisk architecture Planning your NetVault SmartDisk deployment Installing NetVault SmartDisk Licensing NetVault SmartDisk Completing the installation process Uninstalling NetVault SmartDisk Reinstalling NetVault SmartDisk Upgrading NetVault SmartDisk Troubleshooting

Installing on Solaris (SPARC, x86, or x86-64)

Log in as root or sudo to root.
gunzip smartdisk-solaris-x86_<version>-<date>.tar.gz
NOTE: Most prompts revealed during the installation process have a default selection. These options are displayed at the end of each prompt, enclosed in brackets ([ ]). To accept a default, press Enter.
y: Indicates Yes. To accept the agreement, type y, and press Enter. The installation process continues without displaying the license agreement.
n: Indicates No. To decline the agreement, type n, and press Enter. The installation process stops.
d: Indicates Display. This option is the default. To view the agreement, type d, and press Enter. The license agreement is displayed in sections with a percentage value shown at the bottom of the screen. This value accounts for how much of the agreement has been displayed. Each time you press Enter, more of the agreement is displayed and this value increases. Continuously holding down the Enter key will scroll through the entire agreement, and end with the next prompt.
you chose <userName>
Non privileged user's group? [<userName>] : <userGroup>
you chose <userGroup>

You must specify different physical paths for the Staging Path and Store Path.

If you entered n, type y when the following confirmation prompt is displayed, and press Enter.
If you entered y, enter the applicable user name and password when the corresponding prompts are displayed, making sure to press Enter after each entry. The installer verifies that the information you enter is correct.
NOTE: For the user name in the WebDAV credentials, NetVault SmartDisk currently supports the use of any ASCII characters except the quotation mark ("), comma (,), and colon (:). The are no restrictions for the corresponding password.

Installing on Windows

Depending on whether you are installing NetVault SmartDisk on a local machine or a domain client, review the applicable notes before proceeding to Completing installation on a Windows local or domain client.

If you are installing NetVault SmartDisk on a local machine, log in as an administrator before you begin the installation process.

Important notes regarding installation on a domain client

If you are installing NetVault SmartDisk on a Windows Domain client, review the following guidelines before you begin the installation process.

If the client is unable to find the domain, add the Domain Controller's IP address to the client's list of preferred DNS server addresses. To add the address, use Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol > Properties > Use the following DNS server addresses.
After installation is finished, verify that the new domain user has been created. To do so, log in to the Windows Domain Controller, and access Server Manager > Roles > Active Directory Domain Services > Active Directory Users and Computers > DomainSample > Users.
Figure 1. Server Manager

Important notes regarding the Staging and Store Paths

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