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vRanger 7.8.5 - Integration Guide for Quest QoreStor

Configuring repository replication

Replication is configured through the My Repositories pane of the vRanger interface.

The following procedure assumes that:

In the My Repositories pane, right-click the Quest Rapid Data Access (RDA) repository, and select Configure Replication.
In the Configure Replication dialog box, complete the following fields:
Repository Name: Enter a descriptive name for the repository.
Description: [Optional] Enter a long-form description for the repository.
DNS Name or IP: The DNS name or IP address of the QoreStor server.
RDA Username: Enter a user account that can be used to log in to the device. The default account on a QoreStor server is backup_user.
RDA Password: Enter the password for the backup_user account — the default is: St0r@ge!
Logical Storage Unit: Enter the name of the storage container. Ensure that the container is created before you add the device. You cannot add the device if the specified container does not exist on the device. When creating the storage container, use the options:
Port Number: Leave this value at 0 to use the default.
Click OK .

After replication is configured for a repository, the Configure Replication option is disabled for that repository.

Editing a replication configuration

You may edit an existing replication configuration to update credentials or timeout values. You may also use the Edit Repository Details dialog box to view free space for the repository.

In the My Repositories pane, right-click the Quest Rapid Data Access (RDA) repository, and select Edit Replication Configuration.
In the Edit Quest Rapid Data Access (RDA) dialog box, edit any of the following fields:
Alternatively, view the Free Space field for up-to-date information about this repository.

Managing repository replication

vRanger supports repository replication. Repositories configured for replication can be synchronized in one of three ways:

Configuring a repository for automatic replication

When a managed repository is configured for savepoint replication, and a backup task completes successfully, each savepoint is also replicated to the replication repository.

From the Tools menu on the vRanger toolbar, select Options.
Under the Repositories node, select Replication.
TIP: You may also right-click the target repository in the My Repositories pane, and select Repository Replication Options.
Select Enable savepoint replication for a successful backup job task, and click Ok.
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