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Toad for Oracle 14.2 - Getting Started Guide

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Import/Export Connection Settings

You can export and import Toad connection settings. This feature is especially helpful when you need to work with Toad on a different computer or share the settings with another person. If you save your connection password, it is encrypted in the exported file.

  • You can export to XML format.
  • You can import from XML or INI format.

To export connection settings

  1. Click on the standard toolbar to open the Database Login window.

    You can also select Session | New Connection.

  2. Click on the toolbar.
  3. In the Export Connections dialog, click to select a location and enter a file name for your exported connections file.
  4. To include connection passwords in the exported file, select Include encrypted passwords. Then enter a primary password. The primary password is used to decrypt when importing the connections file.

  5. Click Export.

To import connection settings

  1. Click on the toolbar.
  2. Click to select the file and the file type.
  3. Select Include encrypted passwords and enter the primary password to import the connection passwords along with the connections.
  4. Click Import.

To import from LDAP

  • In the Database Browser, click the folder icon.
  • Select Add databases to tree.

The Database Browser displays columns for Server, Database, Comments, and Last Connected.


Automatically Connect on Startup

Rather than have to manually connect to one or more databases every time you start Toad, you can configure Toad to start selected (or all) connections automatically when you start Toad.

To automatically open connections

  1. Click on the standard toolbar to open the Database Login window.

    You can also select Session | New Connection.

  2. In the connections grid, select the checkbox in the Auto Connect column.


Use Previous Connections

  • Click in the standard toolbar to open the Database Login window, and then double-click the previous connection from the grid.
  • Click the arrow beside in the standard toolbar, and then select a connection from the list.

Change Active Connection in Window

You can easily change the connection in an open window to a connection you currently have open or a connection that you have recently used.

To change the active connection in a window

Click the arrow beside in the window toolbar and select an open or recent connection from the drop-down.


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