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Toad for Oracle 14.2 - Getting Started Guide

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Quick-filter the Left-hand Side



* and %

Use for multiple character wildcards.

Note: % is the Oracle standard.

? and _

Use for single character wildcards.

Note: _ is the Oracle standard.


Use to exclude the following characters.

One exclamation point affects the entire string. For example, !A*;B* would return everything that does not start with A or B.


  • You can use multiple filters by separating them with a semicolon. For example, A*;B* would display everything that starts with A or B.
  • The QuickFilter maintains a history of up to 25 items, listed most recent first. Right-click the QuickFilter to access this list.

Filter Data in the Schema Browser

The Schema Browser has the following methods to filter data:

  • Filter/Sort—This is a server-side filter that limits which rows are retrieved from the database. This method is much faster than the grid filter when you are filtering a large dataset. Access this filter by clicking the button in the tab's toolbar.
  • Filter Data—This is a client-side filter that retrieves all rows from the dataset before filtering them. Access this filter by right-clicking the data grid.

To filter data in the Schema Browser

  1. Click in the tab's toolbar (right-hand side of the Schema Browser).
  2. Complete the fields as necessary.


Clear Filters

  • 'Clear Filter for <object type>,' or
  • 'Clear Filter For All Object Types'

Data Grid Basics

Throughout Toad, information is presented in a grid format. Within grids, you can customize grid views, filter resultsets, print the grid contents, and other standard operations. If the data set is editable, Toad enables that to be done within the grid.


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