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Toad for DB2 7.4 - zOS Components Installation Guide



Toad® IBM® DB2® z/OS® Components

Installation Guide


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Table of Contents

Prepare to Install Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components

Why Install Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components

You must install the Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components on each IBM DB2 for z/OS subsystem that you want to manage using Toad for IBM DB2. The z/OS components enables you to use Toad to perform the following functions on the IBM DB2 subsystem:

  • Bind and rebind packages and plans
  • Invoke utilities and commands within scripts that Toad for IBM DB2 advanced alters and migrations generate
  • Run stand-alone IBM DB2 utilities in Toad
  • Run IBM DB2 for z/OS commands from the Editor
  • Remotely execute IBM DB2 for z/OS scripts
  • Create, alter, or drop dataset templates
  • Run DISPLAY, START and STOP commands on databases, tablespaces and indexes
  • Access accurate bufferpool information
  • View volumes available for defining storage
  • Access information about the current threads connected to the IBM DB2 subsystem
  • Assign a RACF group to a Toad Security role

Prepare to Install Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components


After you install Toad for IBM DB2 on the client machine, install the Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components on each IBM DB2 subsystem that you want Toad to manage. Review this section to ensure that the proper user privileges and system requirements are in place for each IBM DB2 subsystem.

Mainframe Requirements

Before installing Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components, ensure that your mainframe meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Database Server IBM DB2 for z/OS version 9 or later
WLM application environments

Two WLM application environments are required. The environments must be defined using ISPF Application IWMARINO. z/OS VIR6.0 MVS Planning Workload Management (SA22-7602-06) provides instructions for using the WLM ISPF panels.

Note: The z/OS components must have these two WLM environments for its exclusive use. Do not attempt to use pre-existing WLM environments used for other applications.

Resource Recovery Services

Resource Recovery Services (RRS) subsystem installed and active for your DB2 WLM application environment. z/OS VIR6.0 MVS Programming Resource Recovery (SA22-7616-04) and z/OS VIR4.0 MVS System Commands (SA22-7627-11) provide instructions for setting up and starting RRS on your system.

Other WLM Environment Requirements

For WLM usage, verify that the load module SORT is in the Link Pack Area (LPA) or is marked as reentrant. Due to limitations of the WLM address space starting in Program Status Word (PSW) key 8, a non-reentrant SORT load module causes an ABEND SOC4 when DSNUTILB calls SORT during utility processing.

Note: When running SYNCSORT in the WLM environment, users might receive ABEND SOC4 errors when DSNUTILB calls SYNCSORT. You can contact SYNCSORT to obtain a fix tape that contains support for IBM DB2 stored procedures. This fix applies ZAPs to the current SORT modules, and then creates a new SORT stub and aliases to a new reentrant module SYNCFNI. The documentation accompanying the tape provides instructions for applying the fix.

Privileges Required

For Installing the z/OS Component

Generally, any user can run the Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components Installation wizard. However, one phase in the installation is to transfer installation files from the Toad client to the mainframe. If you want the wizard to automatically perform this transfer, the user ID running the wizard must have permissions to FTP the files.

After the wizard finishes its part of the installation process, the user must perform additional tasks on the mainframe to complete the z/OS components installation. The user who performs these post-wizard tasks must have the following privileges and authorities:

  • SYSADM privileges in order to run SPUFI scripts and to create objects
  • EXECUTE authority on all packages in the DSNAOCLI collection

Generally, a systems programmer performs the post-wizard tasks.

For Running the z/OS Component

The permhlq.JCLLIB(GRANTS) member predefines the privileges required to run the z/OS components. One of the post-wizard installation tasks is to edit and execute this member to grant these permissions to the authorization IDs you specify in the member.

IBM DB2 Subsystem Performance Requirement

To improve overall z/OS components performance on the IBM DB2 subsystem, define an index on the OWNER column in SYSIBM.SYSPLAN in the subsystem.

Catalog IBM DB2 Subsystem Before Installation

Before installing Toad IBM DB2 z/OS Components, make sure that the IBM DB2 for z/OS subsystem on which you are installing the z/OS components is cataloged on your Toad DB2 client.

To catalog IBM DB2 subsystem

  1. In Toad for IBM DB2, click in the Toad toolbar.
  2. Click in the Connections window to launch the Client Configuration wizard.
  3. For instructions on how to catalog the DB2 subsystem, press F1.
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