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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

View Messages

Editor and Query Builder Windows

When you execute SQL in the Editor or the Query Builder, a log of executed commands displays in the Messages tab.

How the Messages Tab is Cleared

The Messages tab is cleared automatically each time you execute a full script. However, if you execute a partial script multiple times, each execution displays in the tab.

  • To manually clear the Messages tab, click .

Messages and Notices

If a script contains message or notice statements, the messages/notices display in the Messages tab.

Note: For some providers, the message timestamp may not reflect the actual time the message was raised. For example, in ODBC connections, all messages within an execution will have the same timestamp because Toad retrieves them after execution.


  • To jump to the line of code associated with the executed command, double-click the line with the executed command.
  • To switch between the grid and a text view of the output, right-click the Messages tab and select Text Output. This is useful when using PRINT statements.

  • To re-execute a statement, right-click the statement in the Messages tab (non-text output) and select Re-execute.

  • If you occasionally closed the Results pane, you can restore it by selecting Editor | Windows | Script Results.

Automation Window

When you execute an Automation script, the execution log displays in the Log tab of the Automation window. See Execute and Schedule Automation Scripts and Automate Tasks for more information about Automation scripts.

To troubleshoot errors encountered when executing scheduled Automation scripts, see Troubleshooting Scheduled Automation Scripts.

Tip: To switch between the grid and a text view of the log, right-click in the Log tab and select Text Output.

Automation Scripts on Toad Intelligence Central

When you run, or test-run, an Automation script on Toad Intelligence Central (TIC), the execution log displays in a separate pane. To troubleshoot Automation script execution errors for scripts on TIC, see Troubleshoot Scripts on Intelligence Central.

Output Window

You can use the Output window (View | Output) to view logs and messages from different sources. See View Output Window for more information.


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