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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Troubleshoot MySQL Issues

Connection Issues

Issue Cause/Solution

"InvalidCastException" error when connecting to MYSQL 4.1.14-nt database

This is a known issue in MySQL.


Review the known issue and download a patch from:

FoundException"error occurs each time you attempt to connect after installing Toad into a directory other than the default directory.


  1. Exit Toad.

  2. Locate the MySQL.xml file in the C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\ Application Data\Quest Software\ Toad for MySQLversion\ ModuleSettings

  3. Rename or delete the MySQL.xml file.

  4. Restart Toad.

Missing Functionality or Object Information

Issue Cause/Solution

Views tab in Object Explorer is unavailable when connecting to MySQL using the ODBC driver

You are attempting to connect using the 3.51 ODBC driver. This driver is hard-coded to reply that the database does not support views because it needs to connect to MySQL databases prior to version 5.


Use the native MySQL provider included in Toad.

Using a MySQL ODBC connection in a cross-connection query results in an error

Attempting to execute a cross-connection query using a MySQL ODBC connection (not a native connection) results in the following error: "The table <table name> can not be mapped."


To use a MySQL ODBC connection in a cross-connection query, you must specify a database for the connection.

To specify a database for an existing MySQL ODBC connection

  1. In the Connection/Navigation Manager, right-click the existing MySQL ODBC connection and select Properties.
  2. Click beside the Data source name drop-down list. The ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog opens.
  3. On the User DSN tab, select (highlight) the connection's MySQL ODBC driver and then click Configure. The MySQL ODBC Configuration dialog displays.
  4. Select a database from the Database list.


  • Specifying a database using the Connection Properties Database field does not result in a solution. You must follow the procedure above.
  • You can repeat this procedure at any time to specify a different database.


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