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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Create Teradata Connections

Toad allows you to create a full-featured, native Teradata connection. This type of connection provides complete Query Builder, Query Editor, and Database Explorer functionality.


  • You must have a Teradata .NET Data Provider installed before you can create a Teradata connection.
  • To use a Teradata connection in a cross-connection query, you must have a Teradata ODBC driver installed.

To install the Teradata data provider

» Download and install the Teradata .NET Data Provider from the Teradata Web site. Use the version supported by your database version.

To create a Teradata connection

  1. Click on the Connections toolbar (ALT+F+N).
  2. Select Teradata from the Group list.
  3. Enter the connection information in the Create New Connection dialog. Review the following for additional information:


    Server name

    Enter the name of the server hosting the database to which you want to connect.

    Use Single Sign On

    Select if the user is using a single sign-on authentication system.


    Enter the password to use when connecting.

    Tip: After connecting, you can set a master password to further secure your connection in Tools | Options| Environment | Security.

    Session mode

    Displays the session mode, which is always Teradata in a Toad Teradata connection.

    Default database

    (Optional) Enter a default Teradata database for the connection.


    (Optional) Select an existing category or create a new one. See Set Connection Categories for more information.




    (Optional) Select an authentication mechanism from the list.


    (Optional) Enter the parameters required by the selected authentication mechanism. See your system administrator for these values.

    Account string

    (Optional) Enter a new account string.

    Character set

    Select a character set.

    Note: When querying or viewing data in a column defined with GRAPHIC or CHARACTER SET GRAPHIC data type, you must specify a Character set of UTF-16 for the session.

    Use data encryption

    Select if using data encryption.

    Response buffer size

    Specify a Response Buffer Size (in bytes). This allows you to govern the number of rows returned in a single response. To increase the number of rows per response, increase the response buffer size. This strategy might help to improve performance with larger data sets.

    The default value in Toad is set to the maximum, 1040000 bytes.

  4. Click Connect to connect immediately while saving the connection information. Optionally, click Save to save the connection without connecting.

Tip: Connections are stored in the connections.xml file and can be found by clicking the Application Data Directory link in Help | About.

To install a Teradata ODBC driver

» Download and install a Teradata ODBC driver from the Teradata Web site. For a list of supported Teradata ODBC drivers, please see the Release Notes for your version of Toad Data Point.


  • Toad does not support the Teradata multi-statement request.
  • You can specify which Teradata Data Directory views to use, X views or Non-X views, in Tools | Options | Database | Teradata.


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