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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Automatically Replace SQL

You can instruct Toad to automatically replace misspelled words or to replace a placeholder word with a phrase or statement when entering SQL in the Editor. This is done by setting up Auto-replace templates through the Options dialog.

Go to Tools | Options | Editor | Auto-replace to create Auto-replace templates. See Auto-Replace Options for more information.

Examples of what you can do with Auto-replace templates

  • If you specify a substitution pair of teh = the , when you type teh in the Editor, Toad automatically changes it to the after you press SPACE.

  • If you specify a substitution pair of NDF = NO_DATA_FOUND, when you type NDF in the Editor, Toad automatically replaces it with NO_DATA_FOUND after you press SPACE.

Tip: Toad provides built-in functions (Toad Script) that can be used in SQL scripts in the Editor. Some can used with variables to specify keywords or identifiers in statements. See About Toad Script for more information.


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