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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

About Options

Use the options pages to configure most windows and customize settings in Toad. Options are stored in the following directory and are not automatically removed if you uninstall or upgrade Toad:

Windows 7 or later: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point6.0.5

To navigate to this directory quickly, click the Application Data Directory link in the About dialog (Help | About).

Search for Options

You can use the Search feature at the bottom of each page in the Options window to locate an option quickly. You can search for a partial or full field name or value of an option. For example, if you know that a query currently returns 50 rows in the data grid but you cannot remember which page has the option, you can search using rows, query, or 50, and the results that match display in the grid.

To search for an option

  1. Select Tools | Options.

  2. Enter the search term or a partial term in the Search field at the bottom of any open Options page.

  3. Click Search.


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