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Toad Data Point 5.3 - User Guide

Troubleshoot Sybase ASE Issues

Review the following solutions to help troubleshoot SAP issues pertaining to the following in Toad:

Connection Issues

Issue Cause/Solution

Unable to connect to the database. The following message displays: "The ODBCMDA procedures have not been installed on this database..."

Stored procedures that the ODBC driver requires currently do not exist on the server.


Install the required procedures.

Missing Functionality or Object Information

Issue Cause/Solution

Unable to view or export data for objects with non-standard names.

The ASE ODBC driver has issues handling non-standard names for objects.


When setting up an ASE connection in Toad, select Use quoted identifiers on the Connection tab in the Adaptive Server Enterprise window to enable the use of quotations in identifiers.

Unable to view linked tables.

Linked tables store DSN connection information.


Set up the DSN connection information exactly the same on all machines that access the database.

Other Issues

Issue Cause/Solution

DBMS name showing as SQL Server.

Older versions of the ASE ODBC driver return SQL Server as the DBMS name.


Upgrade to the latest version of the ODBC driver, which correctly returns Adaptive Server Enterprise as the DBMS name.


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