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Toad Data Point 5.3 - User Guide

Troubleshoot Access Issues

Review the following solutions to help troubleshoot Access issues pertaining to missing functionality and object information and other problems in Toad.

See Create Access Connections for more information about Access connections.

Missing Functionality and Object Information

Issue Cause/Solution

Some queries display in the View tab of the Object Explorer, but do not display in the Query tab.

The Access ODBC driver handles saved queries in the following manner:

  • If the stored query does not contain parameters, it is treated as a view and displays in the View tab.

  • If the stored query contains parameters, it is treated as a stored procedure and displays in the Query tab.

Primary key information is unavailable.

The Microsoft Access ODBC driver does not return primary key information for databases. However, in some cases, Toad can obtain this information through additional methods.

Other Issues

Issue Cause/Solution

A delay occurs between writing a value to a database via one connection and seeing the updated value via another connection.

This delay is the default when you are writing and reading data between two different Jet connections. The delay occurs even if the two connections reside in the same client process.


Use a single connection when updating data.


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