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Toad Data Point 5.3 - User Guide

Query Builder Options

This topic focuses on information that may be unfamiliar to you. It does not include all step and field descriptions.

To set query builder options

  1. Select Tools | Options |Database | Query Builder.

  2. Review the following for additional information:

    Object Options Description

    Automatically join tables with relationships

    Clear this checkbox if you do not want to include relationships when adding tables to the diagram.

    Default: Selected

    Sort columns in diagram by name

    Select the order the order you want to use to sort columns in each table in the diagram.
    Difference highlighting Description

    Use difference highlighting

    Indicates differences between the SQL used in the Diagram tab and the SQL used in the Query tab. This is useful when you are reverse engineering a query and need to manually update SQL in the Query tab because the Diagram tab does not support some functionality.

    Default: Selected


  • To navigate to the directory where option settings are stored, click the Application Data Directory link in the About dialog (Help | About).

  • To search for a partial or complete option name or value, use the Search field at the bottom of each Options page. See About Options for more information.


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