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Toad Data Point 5.3 - User Guide

About Working with Data

Use the Data tab of the Database Explorer to view data for the currently-selected object in the Object Explorer. From the data grid you can also export data or send data to other tools in Toad. Right-click the data grid to filter data, modify display options, export data to Excel, send data to Local Storage, transform data, or send data to a Data Report.

You can display data in a grid (table containing columns and rows), as well as a card view (using a separate record to display all entries in a row).

Note: You cannot paste multiple rows of data from Excel into the data grid.

Database Explorer

To open the Database Explorer

  1. Select Tools | Explorer.

    Or right-click an object in the Object Explorer and select View Details.

  2. The Database Explorer opens displaying details for the selected object.

For additional information, see Database Explorer.

Use the Database Explorer with Dimensional Data

To view data and create queries for Google Analytics and SQL Server Analysis Services connections, see the following:

To view data for MongoDB connections, see About MongoDB Data Sources.

Troubleshoot Data

  • If you cannot edit data, click the red icon in the lower left corner of the grid. You do not need to edit fields in this window. See Edit Data in Read-Only Grids for more information.

  • By default, autocommit is enabled and any row changes you make are automatically submitted to the database. You can disable this option in Tools | Options | Environment | Grid. Note that this autocommit is different from the AutoCommit for scripts that you set in the lower-left corner of Toad.

  • Business Intelligence and NoSQL connections are read-only connections.

Tips for Working with Data

Use the Data tab of the Database Explorer (Viewer) to view and work with data.

The following table provides some tips for displaying data, customizing the data grid, working with data, and sending data from the data grid to other tools in Toad.

To do this... Follow these steps...

Rows Fetched

Add or reduce the number of rows initially fetched (default 1000).

Enter the new value in the Number of rows to initially fetch in data tab under Tools | Options | Database | General.

Set the value of a cell to null.


Specify how values are displayed. You can specify formats to be used when displaying values. Go to Tools | Options | Environment | Grid | Data Type Formatting. See Grid Options for more information.

Add Aggregate Function

Add a summary function (Sum, Min, Max, Count, Avg) to a column or group

  1. Right-click the data and select Show | Summary Footer Panel.
  2. Right-click within the Summary Footer Panel below the column to which you want to add a summary total and select an option.

If you grouped columns using the Grouping panel (Show | Group Panel), you can also add a summary total to grouped records.

Hide Columns

Show or hide columns of data.

Right-click a column heading in the data grid and select Remove This Column or Column Chooser.

Send To

Display data in a report, pivot grid, or chart.

Right-click the data and select Send To | Data Report Designer, Chart Designer, or Pivot Grid.

Card View

Display the data in a grid or card view

To display the card view, right-click a record and select Show | Card View.

Grid view is useful for viewing summary information at a glance. Card view is useful for viewing information in greater detail.

Compare To

Compare differences between two data sets. See Compare Differences in Data for more information.

Right-click the data and select Compare To.

Multi-line Text

View multi-line text in the data grid as one-line text separated by spaces.

Right-click the data and select Show | Multi-line Text as One-line. When the option is cleared, only the first line of the multi-line text is shown. To see the full text hover a mouse over a data grid or expand it.

Copy Rows / Copy Cells

Copy and paste rows or cells from the data grid

To copy rows

  1. Select one or more rows in the data grid.
  2. Right-click the rows and select Copy Rows.
  3. In the dialog, select a format for the pasted rows.

To copy cells

  • Select one or more cells in the data grid. Right-click and select Copy Cells.

Export / Quick Export

Export data to Excel

To export using the Export Wizard, right-click the data grid and select Export | Export Wizard. See Export Data with the Export Wizard.

To quickly export to an Excel file, right-click the data grid and select Quick Export. See Export Data with One Click Export.

Send To

Send data to another tool in Toad

Right-click the data grid and select Send To. Then select a tool, such as Transform and Cleanse or Dimensional Viewer.

Default Settings

Specify default settings for all data grids

Go to Tools | Options | Environment | Grid. See Grid Options for more information.


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