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Toad Data Point 5.3 - Release Notes

Grid Options

To set grid options

  1. Select Tools | Options |Environment | Grid.

  2. Review the following for additional information:

    Show grouping panel

    Displays a panel that allows you to group data columns.

    Default: Cleared

    Show summary footer

    Displays a footer panel below data that lets you apply a summary function (Sum, Min, Max, Count, Avg) to a column.

    Default: Selected

    Automatically apply best fit to columns

    Automatically resizes data columns to maximize the amount of data that displays.

    Default: Selected

    Maximum rows to process

    Specifies the maximum number of rows to analyze when determining the best fit for sizing columns.

    Note: Increasing the number of rows provides more useful column sizes, but increases time required to retrieve data.

    Default: 50; -1 uses all rows

    Show navigator panel

    Displays a navigation toolbar and record count for data.

    Default: Cleared

    Show command panel

    Displays the date, time, and duration of the script's execution in a panel below the data.

    Default: Selected

    Show preview lines

    Displays a detailed preview of data for each row in the grid.


    Default: Cleared

    Show line numbers

    Displays a line number for each row in the grid so you can quickly locate a record.


    Default: Cleared

    Show Not Null indicator

    Displays an asterisk to the right of any column headings that require a value.


    Default: Cleared

    Data Type Formatting

    Use this area to specify data type formats to be used when displaying values.

    Select a data type to format. Then select a format for that data type from the drop-down list. To customized the selected format, select the Custom check box and enter a format.

    Select the Custom tab to create new custom formats or review existing and pre-defined custom formats. For more information about custom formats to use with DateTime values, see "Custom Date and Time Format Strings" at

    Default (DateTime): General date/time with seconds pattern (G)

    Use locale-independent format

    Uses an invariant instead of your computer's system- defined locale for data types. This ensures that a character format, such as a decimal, is always used regardless of the character used by the computer's locale.  

    Default: Cleared

    Submitting changes to the database

    Submits row changes (inserts, edits, and deletions) to the database:

    • Automatically submit row changes as they occur—Submits changes to the database on a row-by-row basis when you click or when the cursor changes focus to a new row.   

    Note: You must commit your changes to the database before closing the connection.

    • Manually submit row changes as a batch—Submits all changes since your last submit to the database at one time. If you close the grid without submitting or rejecting the changes, they are submitted by default.

    Default: Automatically submit row changes as they occur

    Move row focus when using horizontal navigation keys

    Moves to the previous or next row when using the left or right arrow keys on the first or last cell in a row.

    Default: Cleared

    Show data as read-only

    Defaults the data grid to read-only mode. Edit Data in Read-Only Grids

    Note: This option applies to the data grid only. If you want to install the product as read-only, see Read-Only Installation.

    Default: Cleared


  • To navigate to the directory where option settings are stored, click the Application Data Directory link in the About dialog (Help | About).

  • To search for a partial or complete option name or value, use the Search field at the bottom of each Options page. About Options


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