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Toad Data Point 5.3 - Release Notes

Execute SQL

To execute SQL

  • Use one of the following methods to execute SQL:
    • To execute all statements, in order, one at a time, click or press F5.
    • To execute the current statement, click or press F9.

To execute the code within a code Region

  • To execute a single code region, right-click within the region and select Select Current Region. Then press F5. Set Code Regions about Regions.

Retrieving Data

After retrieving 2500 rows, Toad saves data to disk by creating a TMP (.tmp) file. This allows Toad to retrieve as many rows as your disk's free space can accommodate. These TMP files are deleted when Toad closes.

When executing a query, if there is not sufficient free space, Toad displays an informative message and terminates execution.


  • You can execute SQL against multiple connections simultaneously. Group Execution of Scripts
  • You can view the progress of statements executing in the background in a progress bar located in the status bar. Click the progress bar to open the Background Processes window to cancel execution. Stop Background Processes


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