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Toad Data Point 5.3 - Release Notes

Create DB2 Connections

Create Toad Connection Profiles for DB2

Setting up connections to the DB2 for LUW databases and DB2 for z/OS subsystems that Toad will manage requires two steps.

Step 1. Configure DB2 client connections - If you use a DB2 client each of the databases or subsystems must be cataloged on the client. See Configure DB2 Client Connections to learn how to catalog databases/subsystems.

Step 2. Create connection profiles - Step 2 involves creating Toad connection profiles for DB2 databases or subsystems that were either cataloged in the DB2 client or imported from your Data Server Driver configuration file. Each profile contains the information that Toad needs to connect to the system, such as the user ID and password, DB2 registry settings, and the default schema. If you use IBM DSD environment you can import your connection profile from a Data Server Driver configuration file.

Note: You must have a DB2 client installed before you can configure client connections and create connection profiles. Beginning with Toad Data Point 3.6, a DB2 client is no longer included in the product installation. Refer to IBM for information regarding a DB2 client download,, or consult your organization's IT department. For a list of supported DB2 client versions, see the Toad Data Point Release Notes.

Note: The default location of your Data Server Driver configuration file is in ...Program Data\IBM\DB2\IBMDBCL1\cfg. The default config filename is db2dsdriver.cfg.

Note: When you connect using IBM Data Server Driver the Database button and the toolbar option in Tools | LUW Database Options will not be available.

Click here to view a video about creating connections in Toad Data Point

Connection Using a Custom Connection String

You can also connect to your DB2 database/subsystem using a custom connection string.

  • Select Connect Using | Connection String in Connection Properties
  • Enter Database alias, Host name, Login, and Password and the connection string will be automatically updated according to what you enter
  • You can save a connection created using a custom connection string in your Connection Manager

If You Previously Used the Toad DB2 Client

If you previously used the Toad DB2 client installed with earlier versions of Toad Data Point, you may need to do the following:

  • Install a DB2 client from IBM and set it as the default client. Because Toad no longer installs a client along with the product, you must now have a DB2 client from IBM installed to use your DB2 connections.
  • Transfer the catalog from the previous Toad DB2 client to your current default DB2 client. If you used the Toad DB2 client in a previous version of Toad, install a default DB2 client from IBM, and then transfer the catalog from the Toad client to the new default DB2 client. Configure DB2 Client Connections

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Create Connection Profiles

Use one of the following methods to create Toad connection profiles:

Manage Connections

After you have completed both phases for configuring Toad connections to DB2 databases or subsystems, the Connections window lists all the configured connections, allowing you to perform the following:

  • Connect to and manage a DB2 database or subsystem through Toad

  • Troubleshoot connection issues

Note: Click to open the Client Configuration Wizard. Configure DB2 Client Connections

Tip: Connections are stored in the connections.xml file and can be found by clicking the Application Data Directory link in Help | About.


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