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Toad Data Point 5.3 - Release Notes

Compare Differences in Data

You can compare result sets from the current editor or a different editor in the Database Explorer's Data tab or the editor's Result Sets without having to save one of the sets to a file.


  • If you want to synchronize data, use Data Compare instead of the Data Diff Viewer.  
  • You cannot modify files in the Diff Viewer at this time.

To compare differences in data

  1. Right-click data in the Editor's result set or Database Explorer's Data tab and select Compare To | Set_number.

    You can also save a result set and later use it as a historical comparison.

  2. Review the differences.


    • To switch the contents of the left pane to the right pane, and the contents of the right pane to the left, click .
    • You can also open files to compare by clicking beside the drop-down list at the top of each pane.
    •  You can show or hide tables that contain equal records, different records, etc., at any time using the toolbar.


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