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Toad Data Point 5.3 - Installation Guide

Configure Automation Script Scheduler

Automation scripts running in Toad Intelligence Central are executed using the server's installation of Toad Data Point and are scheduled and controlled using the Scheduler component. The Scheduler component is installed along with the Intelligence Central instance.

Note: Your locally-run scripts are scheduled with the help of Windows Scheduler.

Scheduling, re-scheduling, and managing your scripts on Intelligence Central can be performed through the Object Explorer and the Script Manager. See Manage Automation Scripts in Intelligence Central for more information.

Scheduler Configuration File

The Scheduler's configuration file (InitService.xml) is provided by Toad to allow you to specify some Scheduler options. The file is located in the appserver folder.

C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Intelligence Central\appserver\InitService.xml

Configurable Options

The following options can be configured using the Scheduler configuration file:

  • Specify TIC user account—You can specify a particular user account for the Scheduler to use when connecting to the Intelligence Central instance. If this option is not specified, the Scheduler connects using the existing default account specified by Intelligence Central.

    Note: The user account must have all privileges for all the objects in the "_toad_automation" database in TIC.

  • Specify Toad Data Point version—If the server has multiple versions of Toad installed, you can explicitly define which version to use to execute the Automation scripts on the TIC server. If a version is not specified, the Scheduler uses the latest release (highest version number).

    Note: If multiple installs of the same release (version number) are found, the Scheduler uses the most recent install.

  • Turn on logging—You can turn on Scheduler logging. When this option is set to true, the Scheduler log file (Quest.Toad.Scheduler.log) is created in the appserver folder. This might be useful for debugging scheduled-script execution issues.

    Note: If you contact Quest Software Support about an Automation script issue, you might be asked by a technical support engineer to turn on Scheduler logging.

Example Options

Use the following example as a guide when specifying options in the Scheduler configuration file (InitService.xml):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<Server Password="mypassword" Username="root"/>

<TDP path="C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 3.4\Toad.exe"/>

<AddDebugLog value="true"/>


Note: You must restart the Toad Intelligence Central application server after modifying InitService.xml.

To Restart Application Server After Modifying Configuration File

  1. Open the Task Manager
  2. Select the Services tab.
  3. Right-click ToadBIAppServer and select Stop Service.
  4. Wait approximately one minute and then restart the application server.

Note: To learn about the App Server account used to execute scripts, see Default Account for Script Execution.


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