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Toad Data Modeler 7.3 - Installation Guide

Silent Installation

To perform a silent installation of Toad Data Modeler, you must have access to the setup.MSI file. It can be run from command line using switch "/q" and properties to customize the installation.


Property (command line option) Description
SUPPRESSCOLLECTUSAGEATFIRSTRUN=1 Disables sending anonymous user data feedback function in the installed application.
INSTALLDIR Specifies the installation folder. If unspecified, default installation folder is used.


Used with several other arguments to determine which application shortcuts should be created.

  • Complete - needs to be used to install the entire application.
  • SHORTCUTDESKTOP - creates the application shortcut on desktop.
  • SHORTCUTSTARTMENU - creates the application shortcut in Start Menu.
  • SHORTCUTQUICKLAUNCH - creates the application shortcut in Quick Launch bar.


Install Toad Data Modeler to a custom folder

setup.msi /q INSTALLDIR="C:\Toad Data Modeler\"

Install Toad Data Modeler to default folder, create all shortcuts


Other parameters for silent installs can be found after you run “setup.msi ?” command.


To uninstall Toad Data Modeler

  • Select Control Panel | Programs and Features. Find the specific installation of Toad Data Modeler and click Uninstall.

Note: User files are not deleted during uninstallation. They are stored in the following folders:

  • Saved user files (models, connections, scripts...)
    • C:\Users\{username}\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler (Windows 7 and newer)
    • C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler (Windows Vista)
  • Configuration files
    • C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler
    • C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler (Windows Vista)

To uninstall Toad Data Modeler completely, please delete these folders as well (note that you will lose all of your saved files and configuration).

Note: For more information on location of Toad Data Modeler files see Default Locations

Trial Version Information

Limitations of Trial Version

  • 30 – day trial period
  • 25 – entity limit for the following features (the restrictions relate to both physical and logical models)

Functionality Restrictions

  • Save Model – You can save a model with max 25 entities.
  • Preview – You can preview a model with max 25 entities.
  • Print – You can print a model with max 25 entities.
  • Export to Graphic File – You can export a model with max 25 entities to graphic file.
  • SQL/DDL Script Generation – You can generate SQL/DDL script only for first 25 entities of the model. Other objects (procedures, functions etc.) don’t have any limitation.
  • Report - You can generate HTML/RTF/PDF report for a model with max 25 entities.
  • Alter Report – You can generate alter report for a model with max 25 entities.
  • XSL Transformation Report – You can generate the XSL Transformation report only for first 25 entities of the model. Other objects (procedures, functions etc.) don’t have any limitations.

Default Locations

Toad Data Modeler saves configuration files and user files to separate folders:

Installation #

  • Configuration files and Version Control files are stored in this folder.
  • Default path: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Installation #.
  • The Installation folder number increases by one for every installation of Toad Data Modeler.

Note: Starting from Toad Data Modeler 6.0, the Installation # folder has been replaced with Configuration x86 # and Configuration # for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Toad Data Modeler respectively.

Standard Installation # (can be renamed by user during application first run)

  • Connections, models, user packages etc. are stored in this folder.
  • Default path: C:\Users\{user name}\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Standard Installation #

Toad Data Modeler folder in My Documents

  • Contains Standard Instalation # folder
  • Also contains Reports, Logs and GeneratedScripts folders, they are default save locations for user files created in Toad Data Modeler

After Installation

Toad Data Modeler application is installed in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler7.3" (32-bit) or in "C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler7.3 " (64-bit). The following directories can be found there:

  • BIN

    Contains executable files (TDM.exe) and some libraries used for Reverse Engineering.

  • Configs

    The configuration files of default Toad Data Modeler settings and layout are stored here.

  • Documents

    Directory with Toad Data Modeler documentation – Help file, Reference Guide, License Agreement and Third Party License.

  • Naming Conventions

    Directory with .csv files that can be imported and used in glossaries for naming conventions in Toad Data Modeler.

  • Packages

    System packages and metamodels are stored in System subdirectory. Default My Package and Templates package are stored in User subdirectory.

  • Samples

    Directory with sample Toad Data Modeler models and galleries.

  • Selected OTPs

    Directory with .txo files for each supported database platform and logical model, containing Default (System) Selected Object Types and Properties.

  • Sources

    Directory containing source files that must be made publicly available based on licensing.

  • Styles

    Default CSS styles for report generation.

  • Version Manager

    Definition files for Version Manager.

  • XSL

    Directory with .xslt files - templates for XSL transformation.

  • Installation Guide document

    Document with information on the product version release.

After First Run

After you run the application, new directories will be created in your My Documents directory. Toad Data Modeler saves files to these directories by default. They are preserved when you upgrade or uninstall the application.

Another set of directories will be also created in C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Installation #. The files stored there are mainly configuration files of the application features and tools.

See which directories are generated after Toad Data Modeler first launch:

C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Installation #

  • Configs
    Configuration files are stored there, as well as TDM.txe file (contains saved application layout, delete to restore the default layout).
  • Version Manager
    User created Version Manager structure can be found in this folder.

C:\Users\{user name}\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\{Installation name}

  • Connections
    Contains stored Connections created by user.
  • Convertor Options
    Contains stored Gallery Convertor Options configuration.
  • Galleries
    Default user galleries directory.
  • Models
    Default directory for models created in Toad Data Modeler.
  • Naming Conventions
    Default directory for naming convention definitions (.txn files) created in Toad Data Modeler.
  • Packages
    Directory with metamodels and packages (.txg files). User packages and add-ons are also stored here, including the Templates.txg package.
  • Projects
    Default Projects directory.
  • Scripts
    Default Scripts directory.
  • Selected OTPs
    Directory with User Selected Object Types and Properties.
  • Styles
    Default path to CSS styles for reports.
  • XSL
    Contains stored .xslt files for XSL transformation.

C:\Users\{user name}\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler

  • Generated Scripts
    DDL/SQL scripts generated in the application are saved here by default.
  • Logs
    Default directory for various Logs generated by Toad Data Modeler.
  • Reports
    Directory where HTML, RTF reports, PDF and XSLT outputs are generated.
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