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StoragePoint 6.3 - SharePoint Upgrade using Metalogix Solutions (2016 to 2019)

SharePoint 2016 to 2019 Upgrade


Upgrade Overview

StoragePoint fully supports the primary 2016 to 2019 upgrade method - database attach.


For more information on the SharePoint specific details of upgrading, please see the Microsoft website.

Solution Components and Systems





Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration and document management system. SharePoint will be both the source and the target of the migration efforts.

SharePoint Web Front End (WFE)

One or more web servers that host the SharePoint Web Application.


The storage system(s)\location(s) to which the BLOBs will be externalized.


The RBS BLOB externalization engine.

StoragePoint Storage Adapter

The configurable adapter for connecting to the specific Storage component.

General Terms, Concepts and Acronyms (2)

The items described below will appear throughout this document. It’s important that these items are well understood.



Migration Job

The operational information for a migration including the instructions for performing the job, the configuration, and any history information for a previous run.

Migration Source

The environment from which the content that is to be migrated will originate.

Migration Target

The destination environment for the content that is to be migrated.


Binary Large Object.


Collectively, the technologies used within SharePoint to externalize content.

Storage Endpoint

The information that describes the configuration for a particular location where content will be externalized to, including the type of system, the storage adapter used, the connection and path information and any required active endpoint monitoring requirements.

Storage Profile

The configuration for defining the SharePoint scope of what should be externalized and how (using which Storage Endpoint).

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