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StoragePoint 6.3 - EMC DataDomain Adapter Guide

Problem: Receiving errors on storage or retrieval of externalized content.

Wherever possible, StoragePoint surfaces error messages returned by the adapter either directly to the user or within the SharePoint ULS logs.  You should refer to your storage platform/provider documentation for resolution to errors logged by the adapter.

Problem: Retention isn't Reflected

The retention period can be configured on the StoragePoint endpoint screen without detecting whether the DataDomain share actually has a retention setting in place. In some cases, the BLOB on the endpoint can be deleted during Unused BLOB Cleanup if the retention isn't also manually enabled on the DataDomain share.

Problem: Synchronization Actions are Not Updated

When a CIFS shared Directory Path is disabled or deleted from Data Domain, it takes some time to be reflected in StoragePoint. StoragePoint can continue externalizing, recalling or migrating content during this period of time. Testing indicated the average time to reflect a deny message to the endpoint is from 10 to 20 minutes. After this time, the correct access denied messages will be shown in the logs.

To prevent lost data, add a second endpoint to the profile, move content of the DataDomain share by bulk migration timer job, then remove the DataDomain endpoint from the profile.

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