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Stat 6.3 - Upgrade Notes

Installing DB2 support for the Stat Central Agent

The DB2® Client connect does not need to be installed on the Stat® Central Agent machine, however the agent does need the jdbc drivers provided in DB2 connect.

The Stat Central Agent uses the IBM JDBC 4.0 type 4 driver (db2jcc4.jar). The required files can be found in C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\java of the DB2 client installation..

Copy db2jcc4.jar and db2jcc_license_%%.jar from C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\java to <STAT_HOME>\app\modules\com\ibm\db2\jcc\main directory. The location of required drivers may vary on your site due to DB2 installation preferences.
NOTE: The db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar file has been removed from certain products in DB2 client installations. Depending on the DB2 configuration, it may or may not be needed.
Edit <STAT_HOME>\app\modules\com\ibm\db2\jcc\main \module.xml in a text editor and uncomment the 3 jar files in the resources section.
Edit <STAT_HOME>\app\standalone\configuration\standalone-full.xml (or for https, <STAT_HOME>\app\standalone\configuration\standalone-full-https.xml) in a text editor and locate the datasources:2.0 subsystem. You need to uncomment the driver for ibmJDBCDriver.
Save the standalone-full.xml file (or for https, the standalone-full-https.xml file).
NOTE: When you modify an .xml file, be sure that there is only one copy of it in the directory when you are finished. Do not rename the old copy and leave it in that directory.
Host — The IP address or Server name where the database resides
Service — The UDB/DB2 database name as defined during installation, not an alias.
Port — The port that is listening for requests against the UDB/DB2 database.
Additionally, the Other Database Parameters field is now case sensitive for UDB/DB2 databases.
The correct format is:
currentSQLID= The implicit qualifier of all table, view, alias, and index names specified in dynamic SQL statements (Mainframe).
currentSchema= Specifies the default schema name that is used to qualify unqualified database objects in dynamically prepared SQL statements-also case sensitive (AIX®).

Configuring the Stat Central Agent character map

The Stat® Central Agent defaults to a character map of ISO-8859-1, which is compatible with sites that are upgrading from older versions of Stat. If desirable, the agent can be configured to use UTF-8.

Open <STAT_HOME>\app\bin\standalone.conf.bat.

Setting up support for AES256 ciphers for SFTP

The configuration of your SSH server determines which ciphers are used when connecting to the Stat™ Central Agent. The Stat Central Agent currently supports the following cipher configurations:

To configure J2SE 1.8 to support AES256, you need to download and apply the Java® Cryptography Extension (JCE).

Browse to the JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security directory under your installation of JAVA_HOME.
Rename local_policy.jar to local_policy.jar.strong.
Rename US_export_policy.jar to US_export_policy.jar.strong.
Go to the temp folder where you unzipped the jce_policy file and copy local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar.
Paste both files into the JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security folder.

Configuring the Web Client to use HTTPS

Delete <STAT_HOME>/app/standalone/tmp and <STAT_HOME>/app/standalone/data if one exists.
Once you have the keystore, move it to <STAT_HOME>/ app/standalone/configuration.
Go to <STAT_HOME>/ app/ standalone/standalone-full-https.xml to point to your keystore.
Go to the <STAT_HOME>/app/bin directory and locate the standalone.conf.bat (for Unix, file.

After configuring the Stat Central agent to run in https mode, http protocol is completely removed from the Wildfly configuration file. This means that the messaging protocol used between the Stat Central agent and all Stat Oracle Agents must use secure messaging over https. This means that the certificate stored in your keystore file must be imported into the JAVA_HOME installation of your Stat Oracle Agents.

Finally you need to tell the Stat Oracle Agent to use https protocol for its communications. Edit the <STAT_HOME>/conf/stat.conf file and uncomment the following property:
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