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Stat 6.3 - Upgrade Notes

Upgrading Stat


The newest release of Stat® is a minor release. It offers many new features, which are described in the 6.3.0 Release Notes. Please review the Requirements, New Features, Enhancements, and Resolved Issues sections of the Release Notes before starting this upgrade.

This document details the steps necessary to upgrade from a Stat 5.7.x, 5.8.x, 6.0.x, 6.1.x, or 6.2.x release to Stat 6.3.0. The following steps will guide you through a successful upgrade. Please use the upgrade overview and the Upgrade Checklist to assist you in completing all of the steps. Be sure to review the steps outlining changes to the product before starting the upgrade process.

We believe that by following these directions, you will be able to upgrade your Stat database without issue. However, if you have questions, you can reach Quest® Software Support by calling 949-754-8000, by fax at 949-754- 8999, or by email at

Overview of the upgrade process

The following is a summation of the steps you will take to upgrade Stat® to version 6.3.0. Use this information in conjunction with the Upgrade Checklist to understand the different stages of the upgrade process. Use the detailed steps defined later in this document when performing the actual upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Before starting this upgrade, be aware of the following:

To prepare for your upgrade, you will install the new executables and create a copy of your production database. This production database copy will be the one used for your testing.

All steps are required unless noted as optional or specific to either PeopleSoft® or Oracle® E-Business Suite.

NOTE: If you are using a release of Stat that is earlier than 5.7.0, please contact Quest Software Support.
For PeopleSoft users only, run Stat 6.3.0 Windows Client and run the PeopleSoft Object Mover Instructions Update utility. See Update PeopleSoft Object Mover instructions for more information. Also, make sure you have configured your PeopleSoft environment connections properly, including the parameters described in Upgrade the Stat Central Agent.
Install the 6.3.0 Stat Central Agent to the <STAT_HOME> directory, and then modify the configuration settings specified in <STAT_HOME>/app/bin/standalone.conf (Unix) or <STAT_HOME>\app\bin\standalone.conf.bat (Windows) to fit your site.
CAUTION: You may reference previous configuration settings from 5.8.x (or later) files, but the changes must be made to the new 6.3.0 files.
Do NOT copy 5.8.x files into the new agent directories (with the exception of the <STAT_HOME>\report\custom\format folder, which contains custom report definitions that you may want to carry over to 6.3.0. The version of Jasper Report has been upgraded also, so you may need to make modifications to your custom reports.
Copy the configuration setting you want to re-use from the archived stat.conf files and paste them into the new 6.3.0 stat.conf files.

Unpack the 6.3.0 upgrade

The Stat® package comes with an Autorun executable.

If you have downloaded the Stat 6.3.0 zip file from the Quest Support Portal, unzip the whole file into a location of your choice. Locate Autorun.exe in the root directory of that location, and double-click it to launch the installer.

The installer Documentation menu give you access to the following documents:

Release Notes opens Stat_6.3.0_Release_Notes.pdf. Refer to these notes for modifications that may affect daily business processes.
Upgrade Notes opens Stat_6.3.0_Upgrade_Notes.pdf.
Install Notes opens Stat_6.3.0_Install_Notes.pdf.
NOTE: You will be referencing both Install Notes and Upgrade Notes during the course of this upgrade.

The installer Install menu gives you access to the following components:

Stat Central Agent unpacks the Stat Central Agent. See Upgrade the Stat Central Agent.
Scripts gives you access to the database upgrade scripts used to upgrade Stat (does not apply to new installations). Older Stat versions required the Stat client to be installed to access the scripts. This installer allows you to access the scripts independently of the client installation.
Stat Windows Client installs the Stat 6.3.0 Client. See Install the Stat Client.
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