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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Update an Index Usage Analysis

You can update an analysis for unused indexes by rerunning the analysis with the same SQL statements from the original analysis or you can add or delete SQL statements from the analysis.

To update an analysis

  1. Right-click the analysis name in the left pane of the Index Usage Analysis window and select Update Analysis. The Update Analysis window has two tabs to select the options for changing an analysis before it is updated. It is not necessary to make any changes on these tabs before rerunning the analysis.

    Analyzer tab

    Selected SQL tab

  1. On the Analyzer tab, you can change the name and description of the analysis.

  2. On the Selected SQL tab, you can add or delete SQL statements to the analysis.

  3. After making the selections from the two tabs, click OK.

  4. When the analysis is finished, the Index Usage Analysis Details window displays with information the retrieve of the query plan for each SQL statement.


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