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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Plan Detail

The Plan Detail window provides detailed information on the selected branch of the query plan. This window is opened in two different ways depending on which display view you have selected for the query plan.

To view the Plan Detail – if you are viewing the query plan as Tree Plan, Plain Language Plan, Graphic Plan, or Microsoft Graphic Plan

  1. Select the query plan step.

  2. Click Plan Detail image\B_PlanDetail.gif.

To view the Plan Detail – if you are viewing the query plan as Text

Click the query plan step.

Note: Help | Show Plan Detail must be selected. If you clear this menu option, then the Plan Detail will not be displayed in the Text view of the query plan.

The Plan Detail provides the following information on each branch of the query plan:

Item Description


Text of the transact-SQL statement.


Physical implementation algorithm for the node.


Relational algebraic operator for the node.


Supplemental information about the operation being performed, the content depends on the physical operator.


A list of values introduced by the operator.


Estimated number of output rows by the operator.


Estimated I/O cost for the operator.


Estimated CPU cost for the operator.


Estimated average row size (in bytes) of the row being passed through the operator.


Cumulated estimated cost of the operation and all child operation.


List of columns being projected by the operation.


List of warning messages related to the operation.


Node type.


Indicator of whether the operator is running in parallel (0 represents the operator is not running in parallel, while 1 represents the operator is running in parallel).


Estimated number of times the operator will be executed while running the current query.

Table/View Detail

The Plan Detail also provides detailed information about the table and views used by the SQL statement.

To see the table or view details

  1. Click the table or view name in the left pane of the Plan Detail window.

  2. Click one of the five tabs at the bottom of the right pane to see specific information about the definition, columns, indexes, constraints/key or data for the table or view.


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