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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Performance Statistics - QP Metrics

Each SQL statement captured from the QP Metrics has the following performance statistics:

Statistics Description

Execution time

How long it takes to execute the SQL statement on the CPU displayed in milliseconds.

Elapsed time

This is a total of the Execution time and the time it takes to parse, compile, and optimize the SQL statement displayed in milliseconds.

Logical IO

Total logical IO reads during the execution of the SQL statement.

Physical IO

Total physical IO reads during the execution of the SQL statement.

Execution count

Number of times the SQL statement has been executed.

Abort count

Number of times the resource governor terminated the SQL statement because a resource limit was surpassed.

The execution time, elapsed time, logical IO, and physical IO statistics each of have three values taken from the number of times the SQL statements was executed: the minimum, the maximum, and the average.


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