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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Optimized SQL Window

Optimized SQL

The Optimized SQL information displays in the SQL Optimizer window after performing the Optimize function:

SQL Text

The top left pane allows you to select the of semantically equivalent SQL statements produced after optimization from the tabs at the bottom of the pane. The arrangement of the SQL statements on these tabs from left to right is the SQL Editor, then the Original, followed by optimized SQL statements starting with Alt1, Alt2, etc. The optimized SQL statements are ranked according to increasing Estimated I/O cost.

Note: The lower the Estimated I/O cost the better the estimated performance of the SQL statement. However, the cost value should not be used as the actual indication of performance.

Auto indentation format

All alternative SQL statements are transformed into a more readable format by automatically indenting and aligning.

Text color

All parameters are in red (default color), indicating that a value and data type needs to be defined upon execution. Other highlights are according to parameters set for syntax highlights under the Preferences window.


Comments can be entered in the original SQL statement but are not included in the SQL alternatives.

SQL Information

The top right pane, the SQL Information pane, displays detailed information about the SQL statement.

Run Time Information

The Run Time information displays in three tabs in the bottom pane:





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