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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Chart Setting Tab

The Chart Setting tab on the Preferences window for the Performance Monitor is for controlling the display of the charts.

Chart Setting

Highlight Selected Series (Default = checked)

The following settings affect the chart display of the selected statistic when you have drilled down to the bottom level of information.

Line Width (Default: 2 Range: 2 - 10)

Specify the width of the line for the statistic that you have selected in the left pane. This is used to enable the statistic selected in the left pane to stand out from the other statistics in the chart.

Line Color (Default = Red)

Select the color for the selected statistic from the drop-down list.

Background Color (Default = Sky Blue)

Select the color for the chart background from the drop-down list.

Time Axis Format (Default = hh:mm)

Select the format for displaying the date and time on the chart from the drop-down list.


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