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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Batch Termination

The Batch Termination page of the Batch Run Criteria window is used to determine if and when to terminate the Batch Run. It enables you to find alternative SQL statements that give you good performance improvement without having to execute every SQL alternative.

No termination

Specify to run the Batch Run to completion.

Terminate Batch Run if the specified number of SQL falls in the criteria.

Specify to terminate the Batch Run when a specified number of SQL statements are found that meet the following requirements for terminating the Batch Run.


Number of SQL (excluding the Source)

Specify how many SQL statements must be found that a show performance improvement over the original SQL statement.


Count the SQL if its elapsed time is faster than

Specify one of the following criteria to determine how the performance improvement is determined.


Original SQL

Count all SQL statements that run faster than the run time from the original SQL.


Original SQL with a percentage of improvement

Count all SQL statements where the run time for the alternative SQL statement is the specified percentage faster than time for the original SQL statement.


User-defined time (mins/secs)

Count all SQL statements that run faster than a specified number of minutes and/or seconds.


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