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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Optimize Using Abstract Plan Only

This function is only available if you are connected to Adaptive Server 15 or later.

The Optimize using abstract plan function optimizes the original SQL with the objective of producing an optimal abstract plan. Therefore the transformed SQL statements are not shown. After optimization, the alternative abstract plans are shown with the original SQL statement in the left pane of the SQL Optimizer window. All abstract plans are compatible with the original SQL statement.

To optimize using only the abstract plan

  1. In the SQL Optimizer window, enter the SQL statement in the SQL Editor pane of the SQL Optimizer.

  2. Click image\B_OptimizeUsingAP.gif.

The time it takes to optimize is dependent on the complexity of the original SQL statement and the quota values set in the Preferences window.

To stop the optimization process

Click image\B_AbortOptimize.gif.

It may take a few seconds to terminate all processes.

Note: After the optimization, the Abstract Plan page remains blank since the abstract plan displays with the original SQL statement.


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