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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Extract Object DDL and Dependencies

To open the Object Extractor window

Click image\B_ObjectExtractor.gif.

From the left pane [Select objects to be extracted], select the objects to extract. You can select the user name (all objects belonging to the selected user), object type (all objects of the selected type belonging to the selected object) and a specific object name.

To select the objects for retrieving the DDL, use one of the following

  • Select the tree node from the left pane and click Add.

  • Click Browse and use the Add Database Objects window to select the database objects.

  • Double-click the database object or tree node.

  • Drag and drop the object over to the right pane [Objects to extract].

By default, all selected objects are extracted with dependents. Deselect the corresponding checkbox if you do not want to include dependents in the [Objects to extract] pane.

To display the DDL script on the bottom pane

Click Extract DDL.

To save the DDL script directly to file

Click Extract to file.

Before the object DDL is extracted, the Extraction Criteria window displays. This window allows you to select how the object DDL displays. If you disable this window, the DDL script is generated according to the selected parameters on the DDL tab in the Preferences window.

To abort the extraction of the DDL

Click Abort.


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