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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Check Scanned SQL

After scanning is completed, you can review the scanned SQL statement in the SQL Scanner window. The SQL classification types (Problematic, Complex and Simple) highlight which SQL needs attention first. Is it recommended that you look at Problematic SQL, followed by Complex SQL. After you have reviewed a scanned SQL statement you can mark the SQL as checked. This indicates that the SQL statement had been reviewed and does not need any more attention.

To mark a SQL statement as checked

  • From the SQL Scanner window, right-click and select Checked List.

Marking a Scanned SQL Statement as Checked.

All the valid SQL statements are listed on the left pane (e.g.) SQL1, SQL2 … SQLn. Select the SQL you want to check. You can view the SQL text by selecting the SQL Preview tab. After you have ensured that the SQL statement is the one you want to check, select the Checked Details tab and click Check. All editable fields are changed to edit mode, which you can modify accordingly.

Checked Details

To mark a SQL statement as checked

  1. Enter the following:

    Item Description
    Checked on Read-only field display the current date and time.

    Checked by

    Enter the user name that checked the SQL. By default, the PC user name is entered.


    Select the reason why you checked the SQL.


    Enter a short comment.

  1. Click Apply. A blue checkmark image\I_BlueCheckmark.gif displays next to the SQL name at the left pane to indicate that the SQL statement is checked.

Unmarking a Checked Scanned SQL Statement.

To unmark a checked Scanned SQL statement, select the SQL statement you want to unmark from the left pane of the Checked List window and click Uncheck. The image\I_BlueCheckmark.gif blue checkmark is removed from the SQL name on the left pane.

Adding the Scanned SQL Statement to Checked List Automatically

You can automatically add a scanned SQL statement to the Checked List when you use the Send to SQL Optimizer function. In the Preferences window on the SQL Scanner tab under General button, select Always Add SQL.

Preserving Checked SQL when rescanning

You can specify to preserve the Checked SQL information when you rescan a Job by selecting the Do not remove Checked SQL information when rescanning option in the General SQL Scanner Preferences.


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