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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

Why Save the Abstract Plan?

Saving the abstract plan for a SQL statement preserves how the SQL statement is executed. Therefore, when changes occur in the database environment, the query plan used to execute the SQL statement remains constant.

One major advantage of saving the abstract plan is that you can optimize the SQL statement without altering the SQL text. This is an ideal solution for when you do not have the source code from a vendor but want to improve the performance of the database application. The saving of the abstract plan can be very useful when you are considering making changes to the configuration parameters or you are migrating to another version of Adaptive Server and you want to preserve the current performance of SQL statements that are critical to the performance of your applications.

These database environment changes may include:

  • Parallel degree

  • Table partitioning

  • Indexing

  • Database software upgrades

  • Changes in data columns

You can save an abstract plan from the following modules:

To save in... See:

SQL Optimizer

Save Abstract Plan

SQL Scanner

Save Abstract Plan.

Index Impact Analyzer

Right Pane for SQL Statements

Configuration Analyzer

Right Pane for SQL Statement

Migration Analyzer

Right Pane for SQL Statement

SQL Repository

SQL Repository Window


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