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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

Use Saved Abstract Plans

To use the abstract plan in your applications you have to either enable the abstract plan loading in the server-wide mode or enable the Abstract Plan loading for the session-level inside your application

The abstract plans that you want all applications to use must be saved in the ap_stdin group. If you want different abstract plans for different applications, you must save them in a group and associate it with a user.

Using Abstract Plans for Specific Applications

To use the Abstract Plans for specific users, you enable the use of the Abstract Plan for a specific group on a session level. Therefore, if you have saved abstract plans in a specific group and you want to use them, you need to tell Adaptive Server to use the abstract plans in that group. In your application you need to add the following commands:

Note: If the abstract plan is used by many users, you must have already imported the abstract plan for each user.


set plan load group_name on


*some queries*


set plan load off


Using the Abstract Plans Server Wide

You can enable Adaptive Server to use the abstract plans server-wide from the default group of ap_stdin.

To use the same abstract plan for all applications, the system administrator must set the abstract plan load sp_configure parameter to 1. Adaptive Server then uses the stored abstract plans from the default group ap_stdin.

Note: You can override the use of the abstract plan from ap_stdin for a specific SQL statement with the session-level "set plan load" command in the application.


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