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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

SQL Worksheet Window

The SQL Worksheet window consists of the following: Command List, Object Explorer, Editor Pane, Information Pane, and Status Bar.

Command List

Each time a command is successfully executed, the command is saved in the Command List drop-down field at the top of the window.

Object Explorer

Provides information on database objects. It is possible to drag drop object text and name to the Editor Pane.

Editor Pane

The top right pane is the Editor pane which is used as a work area to create, modify, and execute SQL statements or Transact SQL commands.

Information Pane

The bottom pane has 2 tabs: Message Log and Resultn.

Message Log

Displays information, alert and error messages from each execute. This includes the date and time, Adaptive Server messages, and whether the execution was successful or not. This information is accumulative.

To clear the Message Log information

Right-click and select Clear All.


Displays the result set after executing the command in the Editor pane. There can be multiple Result tabs, one for each result set from the code that was executed.

Status Bar


Progress Bar

Displays execution time while code is executing.

Num, Insert, Caps, Scroll

Specifies the state of the key functions for the Number Lock, Insert Mode, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock.


Specifies that a modification was made to the text in the Editor pane.


Specifies the line and column position of the cursor.

nnn bytes

Specifies the number of bytes of text in the Editor pane.


Specifies the SPID for the database session used by the SQL Worksheet. The session is not connect until the first time you execute a command.


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