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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

SQL Scanner Overview

The SQL Scanner is a unique module which extracts SQL statements embedded in applications, database objects or files without any execution of programs. It retrieves and analyzes in batch the query plans for the extracted SQL to categorize the SQL statements according to the complexity of the query plan and suspect levels of performance problems. The SQL Scanner allows you to quickly review SQL in existing code and detect potential SQL performance problems. With this approach, the SQL Scanner allows you to be proactive in the detection of performance problems. The task of extracting, reviewing and analyzing many SQL statements is simplified and automated with the SQL Scanner.

Typically database applications contain thousands of SQL statements. Without the SQL Scanner, you have to extract and review each SQL statement manually. This a very tedious and time consuming task. Once these SQL statements have been extracted, you need to manually analyze each SQL statements query plan to see if the query plan represents a potential performance problem. The SQL Scanner does this task for you.

Once you have identified potentially problematic SQL statements you can send the SQL to the SQL Optimizer, Index Advisor, the SQL Worksheet, or save them to the SQL Repository.


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