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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

SQL Repository Window

The SQL Repository window displays the information about the SQL statements that are saved in the SQL Repository. It is divided into three panes.

SQL Listing [Left pane]

Displays a tree diagram of the SQL statements and the folders they are stored in.

SQL Listing Details [Top right pane]

Displays detailed information about the folder, the SQL statement, or the folder with its contents depending on which item in the tree in the left pane is selected.

SQL Information Details [Bottom right pane]

The detailed information about the SQL statement displays in the button pages. The buttons for displaying specific information are found at the top of this pane.

Properties button

Displays general information, the SQL name, where the SQL statement was copied from, the logon connection, and database and other settings.

SQL Information button

Displays the SQL text, the query plan, the abstract plan, trace on information, SQL classification, and DDL for any temporary tables used in the SQL statement.

Save the Abstract Plan

The abstract plan for a SQL statement can be saved from this pane. In order to save the abstract plan, it must have been retrieved when the SQL statement was created in the SQL Repository. Before the SQL statement is created, you must enable the dumping of the Abstract Plan in the Optimization or the Scanner Preferences. If you are connected to Adaptive Server 15, use the Abstract Plan settings in the Optimization for ASE 15 tab. Otherwise, use the Abstract Plan settings in the Optimization for Pre-ASE 15 tab.

To save the abstract plan

  1. Select the SQL statement in the left pane.

  2. Click in the right pane.

  3. Click image\B_SaveAbstractPlan.gif.

  4. In the Save to group field, select the abstract plan group.

  5. Click Save.


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