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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

SQL Comparer Window

The SQL Comparer window is divided into 4 sections: SQL text, query plan, statistics, and abstract plan.

Source of Comparison

A tab showing a list of SQL statements, the selected tab will be the source of comparison.

Show SQL text checkbox

By default, the Show SQL text checkbox is selected to display the comparisons between two SQL texts.

Show SQL Information checkbox

You can display the query plans and the abstract plans by selecting the Show SQL Information checkbox which opens the SQL Information pane.

Show statistics checkbox

Displays the run time information for the original SQL statement and the selected alternative. The statistics are displayed for both the First Record and All Records if you have retrieved both times.

Compare both sides checkbox

Specify whether to highlight the differences in both SQL statements by selecting the Compare both sides checkbox.

Note: You can control the color of the highlighting in the Preferences window under the Syntax Highlight on the Editor tab.


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