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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

Search Database Objects and Files

To display the Code Finder window

Click .

Enter a search text or use the down arrow next to the input field to select from a list of previously entered search text. The First occurrence only, Case sensitive, Whole word only andRegular expression checkboxes lets you refine the search.

For database objects

Select the Quick Find tab to select objects belonging to the current database and user. Or, select the Database Objects tab. Expand the object and select user, object type or object name and click Add. The selected object displays in the Look in pane on the top left indicating that the selected objects will be searched. No duplicate objects can be selected.

For directories and files

Select the Directories/Files tab. Select the directory and enter a file mask or click the down arrow to select from a list of previously entered file marks. If blank, *.* is used indicating that all files will be searched. To search in the sub-directory, select Include sub-directories checkbox. Click Add to select the directory and files. No duplicate files can be selected.

To start searching

Click Search.

To stop the search

Click Abort.


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