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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

Retrieve Run Time

Two run time functions are available for retrieving how long it takes to run the SQL statement: Run for First Record and Run for All Records. Both of these functions return run time information. You should first determine the aim of the SQL statement before retrieving the run time information.

If the SQL statement is used for batch job, you want the best time for retrieving all records. Use .

If the SQL statement is used for on-line inquiry, then you may also want to know how long it takes to retrieve the first record. Use image\B_RunForFirstRecord.gif.

The time displays in the bottom section of the SQL Optimizer window in the Time tab.

Note: For UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE SQL statements, retrieving the First Record information by using the Run for First Record function is irrelevant as these SQL statements are processed all at once. Therefore, retrieving the First Record for UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE SQL statements will give the same result as retrieving the All Records.


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