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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

New Analysis Wizard: Select SQL Page

In the New Analysis wizard, the Select SQL page is used to select the SQL statements whose query plans you want to analyze in order to review the impact on their performance that the creation of new indexes would have.

Select SQL to check for performance changes:

Select SQL from

The SQL statements used in an analysis can be taken from the SQL Repository or the SQL Scanner. If you select SQL statements from the SQL Scanner, these statements are added to the SQL Repository.

Select the SQL statements for the analysis. If you select SQL statements from the SQL Scanner, the bottom portion of this section displays the SQL Repository folder so that you can select the folder where they will be stored.

SQL query plans to be analyzed:

In order to analyze the impact the proposed indexes might have on the performance of the SQL statements, the Index Impact Analyzer compares the query before the indexes are created to the plans after the indexes are created. The query plans from before the analysis can be obtained two ways:

Using existing query plan saved with the SQL

This option uses the query plan that was saved with the SQL statement when it was saved in the SQL Repository or SQL Scanner.

Obtaining a new query plan under the current connection

This option retrieves the query plan with the current logon and the current database settings. This current query plan is compared to the query plan that is retrieved after the new indexes are created.


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