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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Release Notes

New Analysis Wizard: Analyzer Page

The Analyzer page is used to name the analysis and to select the folder where the SQL statements that you want to analyze are stored.

Creating a new Analyzer and select SQL to be analyzed

Select this option to create a new analysis using a different set of SQL statements.

Continuing an existing Analyzer using the Analyzer's selected SQL

Select this option to use the same set of SQL statements that is stored in an existing Analyzer. This option adds another Scenario under an existing Analyzer and does not retrieve a new set of query plans for the SQL statements. It uses the query plans that were originally saved with the SQL statements.

Do not rollback changes to the ASE configuration parameters

Specific to leaves the database configuration changes that you select under the Configuration tab after the analysis is finished. Otherwise, these changes are rolled back at the end of the analysis processing. After the analysis is complete, the Apply/Undo Changes button displays at the top of the Configuration Analyzer window which displays the Apply Changes and the Undo Changes panes. These panes contain the scripts to make changes to the Adaptive Server configuration parameters.

Item Description


Enter the name for the analysis.


Enter the description for the analysis.

Last modified

Displays the last modified date and time.

Save location

Displays the folder in the tree where the analysis is saved. In the bottom pane, select the folder where you want to save the analysis. To create a new folder, click Add Folder image\B_AddFolder.gif.


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