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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Installation Guide

Options (SQL Scanner Tab)

Skip SQL within comments (Default = cleared)

Specify whether the scanning algorithm will ignore any SQL statements within comments enclosed by /* */, // and -- found in the source code. By default, the scanning algorithm will search for any SQL statements contained in comments.

Skip SQL that does not involve tables (Default = cleared)

Specify whether the scanning algorithm will ignore any SQL statements that do not involve tables.

Whole word matching for the first SQL keyword (Default = cleared)

Specify to search for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE as a whole word, the keyword must be preceded and followed by a space. The Scanner therefore will not find something like PROCEDUREINSERT and attempt to build a SQL statement from it.

Always use current database and user (Default = cleared)

Specify to always use the current database and user when the SQL Scanner is retrieving the query plan.

Automatically switch to current database and user when unable to set user to dbo

Specify to allow the SQL Scanner to switch the database and user for a job to the current database and current user when the login is unable to 'setuser dbo' during scanning. You will notice that the Job name is changed from "[xx] [dbo] yyy" to "[current db][current user] yyy" when the 'setuser dbo' fails. Also, in the information pane in the SQL Scanner window under "Connection Information," this line is added "Scanned using the current database and user setting".

When this option is not selected and the login is unable to ‘set user to dbo’, the SQL Scanner displays the ‘cannot set dbo’ status message in the Status column and it skips the Job.

Create Scanner Temp Table (Default = checked)

If selected, the scanning algorithm automatically creates a temporary table during scanning when a CREATE TABLE #TEMP or a SELECT INTO #TEMP statement is found. Tables created during the scanning process are dropped at the end of the process.

Include data (Default = cleared)

If selected, the SQL Scanner automatically executes any INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, and SELECT INTO SQL statement that modifies a temporary table that is created by the SQL Scanner.

If this option is not selected, then a WHERE 0 =1 clause is added to the SELECT INTO statement so that no data is included when the temporary table is created.

Note: Selecting the Include data option may affect the total scanning time.

Override previous Scanner Temp Table (Default = checked)

If this option is selected, a temporary table is created with the first CREATE TABLE #TEMP statement. If another CREATE TABLE #TEMP with the same name is found, it will drop the current table and create a new one for every time if find a new CREATE TABLE #TEMP.

This option will not override any temporary tables created in User-Defined Temp Table window.

Override User-Defined Temp Table (Default = cleared)

If selected, a previous User-Defined Temp Table is overwritten if the SQL Scanner finds another create temporary table statement using the same table name. This option will not override any temporary tables created in the SQL Scanner.

Number of characters to be skipped at the beginning of every line for all files (Default = 0)

When a file is scanned, the SQL Scanner skips the number of characters specified at the beginning of every line.

Skip end of line continuation character (Default = <do not use>)

If the text of the SQL statement is on more than one physical line and there is a continuation character at the end of each physical line of the SQL text, then specify what the continuation character is so that it will be skipped. If this character is not skipped, it may cause the SQL Scanner to miss part of the SQL statement. Three options are included: <Do not use>, / (forward slash character), and _ (underscore character). In addition, you may add your own character. This character will be saved in the field as long as it is the selected character. Once you make another selection, your own character will not be remembered.


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