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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Installation Guide

Optimization Details Window

The Optimization Details window is optional and can be displayed after optimization. This window displays the following:

  • Time calculations for the optimization process.

  • Number of semantically equivalent SQL statements investigated

  • Number of alternative query plans produced.

  • How many SQL statements were eliminated because they had identical query plans.

  • A warning message if the Syntax Transformation Quota, Total Forces Quota, Parallel Quota, Total Quota, or Join Path Permutation Quota is reached.

Note: Generally speaking, SQL statements with the same query plan will produce the same run time because the database executes the SQL statement in the same way. Therefore, newly generated SQL statements with equivalent query plans are eliminated.

The Optimization Details window is shown every time optimization is finished unless it is disabled. This is done by unselecting the Show details on next optimization option in the Optimization Details window.

The Optimization Details window can be shown anytime after the optimization process by selecting View | Show Optimization Details when the SQL Optimizer window is the active window.

If no alternatives are available, the Advise Indexes button is shown for you to directly copy the original SQL statement from the SQL Optimizer to Index Advisor for generation index candidates. The generate process will start automatically.


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