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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Installation Guide

Add SQL Inspectors (Add Jobs Wizard)

(For Adaptive Server 15.0 and later)

You may want to scan the SQL Inspector to identify the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements with their query plan, abstract plan and trace on information (if available). This enables you to review the query plan and helps to give a better understanding of which SQL statement is causing the performance problem within the database server.

To add a SQL Inspector

  1. Click the SQL Inspector page. The left-hand list field displays a list of available Inspectors. If you have not yet created any Inspectors, this list field is blank.

  2. Select an Inspector and click image\B_AddDatabaseObjects.gif or drag the Inspector you want to scan over to the right-hand list field.

  3. Use the Use Database and Set User drop-down lists to select the database and user that corresponds with the SQL that you are scanning.


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