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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.4.2 - User Guide

SQL Optimizer for IBM® DB2® LUW
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Abort Scan

To abort the scanning process

Click image\B_AbortScan.gif.

The Abort Scan function may take a few seconds to complete, as time is needed to close down all the necessary processes.


Find a Job

To search for a specified text in all Jobs in the Job Manager window

  1. Select Job | Find Job.

  2. Enter the text string to be located.

  3. Click Find.

All the Jobs and number of the corresponding SQL statements will be listed.


View Group Summary

The Group summary report provides a statistical list of all the Jobs and SQL statements scanned within the Group.

To view the summary information

In the Job Manager Report | Group Summary window, select .


View Group Properties

The Group progtfrhnbperties provides information about SQL Scanner Group.

To view the Group properties information

  1. Select a Group in the Group Manager window.

  2. Right-click and select Properties.

The Group Properties window displays the following information:

General tab




Group name.


Group description.

Last modified

Last modified date and time.


Total size of the Jobs within the Group.

Data Directory

Directory where the files are stored.


Version number of SQL Optimizer when the Group was created.

Total Job

Total number of Jobs.


Total number of Jobs that were scanned.


Total number of Jobs that had not been scanned.

SQL Summary tab

Displays a pie chart showing the number and percentage of Problematic, Complex, Simple and invalid SQL statements.


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