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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.4.1 - Release Notes

Synchronize the Data Dictionary

Specific database information, such as tables, indexes, data volumes, and so on, from the data dictionary is used during the optimization process, SQL analysis, and other functions throughout the program. This information can be loaded into memory of your local computer each time you connect to a database. If your database has lots of database object, this process can take several moments, therefore you can choose to have the specific information loaded as it is needed in the program by selecting the Do not load database dictionary after database connection in the General page of the Options window.  

If changes are made to the database while you are using the program, it is important to keep the information in the data dictionary up to date. Using the Synchronize Data Dictionary function will ensure that the changes to the database are directly reflected in SQL Optimizer.  

To synchronize the database dictionary

Select Database | Synchronize Data Dictionary.

The Synchronize Data Dictionary function does not break the connection but updates the new database information in the SQL Optimizer memory.


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