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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.4.1 - Installation Guide

Add SQL Wizard: SQL Information Page

The SQL Information page of the Add SQL wizard is where you can enter the SQL text and view information about the SQL statement, such as the access plans and temp table DDL.

SQL Text (Left pane)

Enter the SQL text.

Information Pane (Right Pane)

The SQL Information pane has buttons at the top of it to select whether to display the access plan graph, access plan tree, Information (the classification of the SQL), and the DDL for creating any temporary tables used by the SQL statement. If the button is enabled, there is information on that page. If the button is , then no information is available for that SQL statement.

Check SQL button

Checks the SQL syntax using the current database connection and retrieves the access plan, SQL type classification, and other information relating to the SQL statement.


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