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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Release Notes

SQL Information Pane

ClosedView the SQL Information pane

The SQL Information pane shows types of information for the original SQL or the SQL associated with the currently selected alternative. Use the buttons across the top of the pane to toggle between the views.

Note: Different SQL Optimizer modules use the SQL Information pane. The buttons available in the pane depend on the module you are using.





Virtual Access Plan Tree

Show the corresponding virtual access plan.


  • No information displays if the SQL statement in invalid.
  • For index-set alternatives, this is the assumed plan should the indexes actually exist.


Virtual DB2 Optimized Text


If the SQL statement is valid, show the corresponding virtual DB2 optimized text.

Note: No information displays if the SQL statement in invalid.


Access Plan and Bound Access Plan

Display the access plan.


  • No information displays if the SQL statement in invalid.
  • For index-set alternatives, this is the actual plan used during Batch Execution (or anther execution function) when temporary indexes were physically created .
  • In the Scanner SQL Viewer, both the bound plan and the current plan display when the SQL statement is from a package.

Tip: Click (if available)to display detailed information for each row of the access plan.


DB2 Optimized Text and Bound DB2 Optimized Text

Display the SQL statement reconstructed by the DB2 LUW optimizer after it retrieves the access plan.

Note: In the Scanner SQL Viewer, the optimized text for both the bound plan and the current plan display.



Show any of the following, depending on the specific function using this pane:

  • SQL statement type classification: Problematic, Complex, Simple, or Invalid SQL. This classification is dependent on the parameters set in the Options window.
  • (SQL Scanner) For a SQL statement in a package, a comparison of the bound access plan and the current access plan. A database error message is displayed if SQL is classified as Invalid.
  • (SQL Optimizer) Warning or alert information about the SQL statement if the transformation is based on table constraints or indexes.

    Note: Changes to table constraints and indexes might have a direct effect on the optimized SQL statement.

  • (SQL Optimizer)Origin of the SQL statement.
  • (SQL Scanner) SQL conversion applied.
  • (SQL Scanner)Start position of the SQL statement in DDL and in TXT and SQL files.
  • (SQL Scanner) For bound access plans, package information.
  • (SQL Scanner) For bound access plans, new access plan information.
  • (SQL Scanner) Connection information.
  • Special register settings.


Scanner Temp Table

(SQL Scanner only)

Display the temporary table SQL statement assumed to create or modify the temporary table used on the scanned SQL statement if the SQL Scanner finds it in the source code.


Checked SQL

(SQL Scanner only)

Display the date and time when the SQL statement was checked, its status and description, and the name of person who checked the SQL.


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